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We Work on A Contingency Fee Basis

The Columbus, Ohio Workers' Compensation Attorneys and Personal Injury Lawyers at Portman & Foley LLP represent clients on a contingency fee basis.
We do not charge anything unless we win money for you!

Portman & Foley LLP represents people who have been injured in accidents. That includes people who have been hurt at work; people who have been injured due to negligence such as car crashes, truck accidents, and motorcycle wrecks as well as injury or death caused by unsafe products.

We represent clients on a contingency fee basis. We do not charge anything unless we win money for you! We are dedicated to helping injured or disabled workers and those injured due to the negligence of others in Ohio receive the compensation they deserve.


Workers' Comp

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Ohio Workers' Compensation

Ohio Workers' compensation is a state-funded insurance system that provides workers' with benefits while protecting employers from lawsuits. Most businesses in Ohio are required to maintain Ohio Workers' Compensation insurance. The Columbus Ohio Workers' Compensation Attorneys at Portman & Foley understand the intricacies of the Ohio Workers' Compensation application process and can help you to get ALL of the benefits you deserve, in addition to representation of rejected Ohio Workers' Compensation benefits claims in order to get your benefits approved.READ MORE

Ohio Personal Injury Attorneys

Let us protect your rights if you or a family member has been the victims of injury or death due to the negligence of others. We are here to assure that your rights are protected and you receive appropriate compensation for your personal injury claim.

We will fight for you because we care!


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